Amsterdam (13) – Schiphol Airport

The last post of my trip to the Netherlands is where this vacation started and ended.  Schiphol Airport has become one of my favourite airports.  I especially admire the efficient train system that is linked from this airport to many parts of the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium.

The Hekla Aurora is part of the Icelandair’s fleet allowing passengers to experience the Aurora Borealis with interior mood lighting.  We were fortunate to be the passengers on this one of a kind plane from Amsterdam to Reykjavik.

This KLM jet appears as though it sits on top a roof of a building.

The tarmac of Schiphol Airport shows KLM as a dominant player.

The many shops and restaurants allowed plenty of things to see as we kill time, waiting for our departure.

…and more shops

A creative use of an inspiring phrase.

Cafe Communal is one of the many restaurants available to relax and grab a bite.

Passenger silhouettes on a moving ramp.

Good-bye Amsterdam!

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