Marburg, Hessen (1) – The City (Day One)

Our first excursion took us to Marburg in the state of Hessen.  About 200KM outside of Frankfurt, the one hour fast train took us north to this university town with a population of approximately 72,000.

A mix of old and modern architecture, the town is located in the valley of the river Lahn.

Looking south from a narrow walking path near Ketzerbach, we can see Marburg Castle (a.k.a. Landgrave Palace) in the distance.

A view of Cappel neighbourhood from Marburg Castle

A view of Oberstadt neighbourhood from Marburg Castle

Looking down a narrow path that took us to Marburg Castle

A modern home

Across the street is a home that sustained its’ character

St. Michaelskapelle graveyard

Interesting artwork

A bakery located in a modern residential district.

A park runs beside the Lahn River

The old German architecture of the Town Hall adds character in Markt shopping area

A continuation of the Markt shopping area

..and on, it goes

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