Hatzenport & Moselkern, Rhineland-Palatinate (1) – The Towns (Day Three)


A bit of internet research advised us to get off at Hatzenport (pop. 609) station to catch the bus for Burg Eltz.  However, we discovered upon our Wednesday arrival that the buses only run on Saturdays.  We were able to get some directions from a local tavern owner who advised us to go to Moselkern (next stop over) and walk from there by following the Eltz Stream.  Our 30 minute visit allowed me to snap a few shots of this quaint little town.

Waiting for a bus, we soon discovered it will not be coming by until Saturday.

Local vineyards still green on this gorgeous fall day.

St. Rochus Catholic Church

Taking a path back to the station, we see Pfarrkirche St. Johannes on the hill.


A population of around 550, this picturesque little community brought fairytale sense in me.  This was the arrival and departure station that was the closest to Burg Eltz.

A beautiful residence along Elztal

I love these old stoned buildings.

A small bridge allows us to cross Elzbach

Being it was shortly after supper, the Oberstrabe street is deserted.

A colourful cemetery on Oberstrabe and Am Bahnhof

Full of artistic character

Another gorgeous stone building with added greenery.

Private residence on the left and Moselkern Station on the right.

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