Moselkern, Rhineland-Palatinate (2) – Burg Eltz (Day Three)

This full day excursion started with getting off at the wrong town (Hatzenport) and ended with a 40 minute train delay returning back to Frankfurt.   It was a 2.5km walk through Moselkern from the station to the edge of Eltz Forest.  Another 2.5km hike through thick forest on a single-file path took us to the rocky cliff where this castle sits.  Then in reverse order going back to the train station.  As exhausting as it sounds, it was a exhilarating day.

Burg Eltz is a medieval castle nestled in the hills near the Moselle River.   Owned and maintained by the same family for over 850 years, the castle remains unscathed by wars.

Unfortunately, we were not allowed to take photos of the interior.  My photos are exterior only from within the courtyard and a distant road.


After a 2.5 km hike, the view of the castle was a welcome sight to see.


A road leading up the hill away from the castle provides a great view.



Inside the courtyard of the castle.


A couple of hikers leave their heavy backpacks with the guide office so they don’t have to lug them around on the tour.



The dense thick forest gives you an indication what we hiked through to get to the castle.

Deep in the forest, taking the path along the Elzbach.   We were advised to follow the creek and we won’t get lost.

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