Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Bavaria (1) – The Wall (Day Four)

Located 180 kms southeast of Frankfurt, the village of Rothenburg is Germany’s best-preserved walled town.  When I heard about this place, I knew we had to make a day-trip to this medieval community to see the history.

My first post of Rothenburg is the short 3km wall walk which took us a couple of hours due to the many stops along the way for the views.

Galgentor entrance on the northeast corner

A small outside theatre

Parts of the wall have a roof providing protection from the sun and rain

Vines add a nice green touch

…and some parts of the wall have thick foliage with added colour

A view of the wall from the outside

Narrow single-file pedway with wooden railings to prevent you from falling over keeps you on your toes

Some sections of the wall is covered on both sides

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