Koln (Cologne), North Rhine-Westphalia (3) – The Interior of Kolner Dom (Day Five)

The interior of the cathedral reflects the same magnificence as the exterior.  Intricate in detail, majestic in structure and beauty in design.  If you are ever in Koln, this is a must see.

Looking towards the Nave from the front entrance

Looking towards the front entrance from the Nave

The Shrine of the Three Holy Kings

The Nativity of Christ window, 1507

The Adoration window, 1846

The West Portal Window, 1865-70

Johannes Klein Windows, 1884

Window of South Transept, 2007

Window of St. Paul, 1994

This statue of St. Christopher, who carries the Christ Child on his Shoulders, is the patron saint of all travellers.

The Milan Madonna is the oldest devotional image of Mary in the Gothic cathedral.

The Gero Crucifx was donated by Archbishop Gero in 976 and has hung in this spot since 1350.

The Jewellery Madonna is a devotional image decorated with countless pieces of jewellery that were donated by the faithful as tokens of gratitude.  The sculpture dates from the late seventeenth century and the jewellery dates between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Altar of the Poor Clares, High Feast Day Opening

Altar of the City Patrons, c 1442

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