Koln (Cologne), North Rhine-Westphalia (4) – A Walk Along the Rhine (Day Five)

A walk along the Rhine River gave me many photo ops.  Going south the east bank from Hohenzollernbrucke (bridge), crossing Severinsbrucke (bridge) to the west bank, a small detour south to Harry Blum Platz and then back north to Kolner Dom.  This is just a small sampling of what this great city had to offer.  Wish we had more than a day.

Starting on the east bank beside Hohenzollernbrucke (bridge), we are looking towards the west bank.  St. Martin Kirche in the background with a tour boat docked at Rheingarten.   The small shops to the immediate left is a lock store where we purchased the lock for our Grandson (see previous post).

Koln (Cologne), North Rhine-Westphalia (1) – Hohenzollern Bridge (Day Five)

Along the east side, looking south to Deutzer Brucke (bridge), we walk along the Rheinboulevard.   Long stretch of concrete benches available to sit, relax and watch the river activities.

On Severinsbrucke looking north at Kolner Dom on the left and office towers on the right.

Crossing Severinsbrucke, looking at interesting shaped apartments and offices

Harry Blum Platz.  The building to the right reminds me of the same architecture used in the Main Post Office in my hometown of Humboldt, SK.

Walking along Im Zollhafen

The pedway Auf der Hansewerft

Riverside cafe


Shops along Am Frankenturm

Kölner Philharmonie with Kolner Dom in the background

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