Munchen (Munich), Bavaria (4) – Schloss Nymphenburg Interior (Day Eight)

Inside Nymphenburg Palace was a bit mind-blowing.  It was hard to relate the elaborate lifestyle that existed in those early years.


Great Hall




Great Hall




Great Hall





The South Apartment, Antechamber

Portrait of Henriette Adelaide and Ferdinand Maria on the right and the earth goddess Cybele on the ceiling




The South Apartment, Bedroom of electress, Therese Kunigunde

The portrait on the wall shows the electress is holding a medallion of her first-born, Electoral Prince Karl Albrecht.








King Ludwig I’s Gallery of Beauties

From 1826 to 1850, by order of King Ludwig I of Bavaria, Joseph Steeler painted the portraits of 36  beautiful women from a variety of social classes, ranging from the daughter of a shoemaker to the daughter of a king.




The Queen’s Study

The round table inlaid with exotic precious woods and pharaoh busts made of gilt bronze served as an inspiration for the further decoration of the room in the Egyptian fashion of the Napoleonic era..




The Queen’s Audience Room








The Queen’s Bedroom

Birthplace of King Ludwig II of Bavaria




The North Antechamber

Portrait of the Elector Max Emanuel




The North Apartment, Guest Bedroom

Large painting show the electoral Bavarian and Saxon family in 1761 making music and playing cards





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