Munchen (Munich), Bavaria (5) – Schloss Nymphenburg – The Palace Park (Day Eight)

The Palace Park has 180 hectares of manicured lawns, trimmed bushes and natural forestry.  Styled by garden architect Friedrich Ludwig von Sckell, it is one of the most outstanding parks in Germany.  During the three hour walk we will come across incredible architecture which will be posted in the upcoming posts (Pagodenburg, Badenburg, Amalienburg and the Carriage House).


Looking straight down from the centre of the palace to the Grand Canal.  We travelled along the right-hand side to the Grand Cascade and back up again on the left-hand side.


Under the trees on the right-hand side is a path that runs parallel with the main path.  We took this route as refuge from the heat.


The Grand Canal


Taking a few side trips away from the main path, we come across thick forest and small brooks


Pagodenburg Lake



All of the external buildings were located within thick wooded areas.  Being a very warm day, it made our visit more enjoyable.







Looking back to the palace from the Grand Cascade.




The Grand Cascade


Heading back to the palace on the left-hand side of the garden, we come across the sculpture “Pan with Spring”


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