Zurich, Switzerland (2) – Evening Stroll (Day 1)

To be in sync with the time zone, we headed out for a walk to keep ourselves from falling asleep.  A stroll to Old Town starting from the Zurich HB, along the Limmat River and back to our hotel, 25Hour Hotel Langstrasse.

Corner of Bahnhofpl and Neumuhlequai.  Across the Bahnhofbrucke from Zurich HB.

Central Plaza Hotel

Along the Limmat River

Looking towards Bahnofquai from across the river on Limmatquai

Old Town on the west side of Limmat River

Crossing the Limmat River and looking back at where we walked along the right.

I don’t know if this is some form of exercise for these two men by challenging the rushing water going upstream.

The narrow path of Hirschengasse off Limmatquai

The Motta Cafe on Limmatquai

Lit up Grossmunster


Quiet cobblestone paths wind through a unique shopping area

A brightly lit flowershop

Heading back to the hotel, we came across a great lookout point in Lindenhof Park, located on the west side of the river.   A view of the path where we started our journey.   Zentralbibliothek stands out in the spotlight

Another view of Limmatquai from Lindenhof Park

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