Zurich, Switzerland (3) – Street Cruising (Day 2)

Our second and last day in Zurich was spent cruising the streets.  Since we booked only one day here, we made the most of the time.  Now that we were wide awake and clear-headed, the morning was spent retracing our steps from the night before.  This time we extended the river walk to Zurichsee.  In the the afternoon, we headed to The Dolder Grand Hotel.  A 3km uphill hike that gave us some pretty cool views of the city.

Limmat River at Sihlquai and Ackerstrasse

A paddleboarder conquers a small dam located to the left of this photo

Beautiful tree covered Neumuhlequai

A view of Old Town from Bahnhofbrucke

Limmat harbour

Zurichsee and the Swiss Alps in the distance

Local Government Office to the left of Kirche Fraumunster

One of many outdoor restaurants getting ready for the noon hour rush

Shopping in Old Town

From Lindenhof Park, view of Old Town

The top of hill in the background is where we head to in order to get to Dolder Grand

From Lindenhof Park looking towards east side of Old Town

Looking back at the uphill battle to get to Dolder Grand

A modern residence that has a great view of the city below

Taking a rest and enjoying the view of Zurichsee

Dolder Grand

A five-star rating costs about $1000.00 per night, per person.  We didn’t go through the interior or exterior grounds to see if the price was justified.

Dolder Grand Golf Course

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