Zurich, Switzerland (4) – Europaallee (Day 2)

Located along the train tracks of the Main Station, there were lots of construction of commercial and residential towers.  This new trendy area, a.k.a Europaallee, is full of eateries, shops and bars which is popular for the young professionals.  All the photos are on Lagerstrasse from the Main Station to our hotel.

I appreciated the creativity of these building sites.  Instead of a wire or boarded-up wall surrounding the area, they have large windows which allows people see inside.  Some of the windows had designs in neon which lit up a night.  I thought it was pretty cool.

Inside this office/retail complex was a Coop Supermarket.  We made stops here to grab our evening dinner or snacks to take on the road.

Jack & Jo was a restaurant that appears to have been popular amongst the locals

There were a couple of post-secondary schools and residences in the area, which explains the abundance of young people.

Our hotel (on the left) had two popular restaurants located in front and next door.

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