Zurich, Switzerland (6) – 25hours hotel langstrasse (Day 1, 2 and 16)

My last post of Zurich is about the most interesting hotel that I have ever stayed in.    Where most hotels give you a good night’s sleep, this hotel also gives you an experience.  It was the start and end of our 2017 European journey.

Outside the hotel

The Neni restaurant where we had our breakfast

The Gift Shop sold very interesting items

Display case beside the reception desk


Using clothespins as bookmarks was neat

Espresso Bar

Looking down from the staircase

Bar Lounge


An interesting piece of art beside the staircase

Decorative lighting on the staircase to 2nd floor

Business Centre on the second floor

Available meeting areas on the second floor

Second Floor bar is available for those using the meeting rooms

A wall is covered with dominoes

Another wall is covered with album covers

Floor information that is displayed outside the elevator doors

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