Wien (Vienna), Austria (1) – A Taste of Architecture (Day 4)

Skipping to Day 4 as Day 3 of our trip consisted of being on a train for almost 8 hours from Zurich.

The following photos depicts a very small portion of the beautiful architecture that exists in Vienna.  Spread throughout a large area of the city, a person can only explore so much in the one day we gave ourselves.   We opted out of Ringstrasse, the 5.3km long street that contained most of Vienna’s noteworthy buildings.  We stayed on streets that didn’t have a lot of vehicular traffic and sometimes wandered into areas where there was not a lot of pedestrian traffic.  If you plan for a visit, give yourself a few days to see all the incredible places this city has to offer.


Karlskirche (St. Charles’ Church) is a baroque church that is affiliated with the Catholic faith.


Technische Hochschule is a type of university that focuses on engineering sciences.


Vienna State Opera House

Located on busy Ringstrasse, it was difficult getting a picture without cars or light stands


Back view of State Opera House


Hotel Bristol


Hotel Sacher


Albertina Museum


Austrian National Library at Josefsplatz


Hofburg Palace


Museum Judenplatz

The architecture may be simple, but the significance of this building far outweighs palaces and castles


Heiliger Franz von Assisi (St. Francis of Assisi Church) is located beside the Danube River


Catholic Church Maria am Gestade


Looshaus stirred controversy in the 1909 year that it was built.  Located across Michaelerplatz from the Hofburg Palace, it deemed too modern.


Even the small commercial shops on the side streets had unique architecture



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