Wien (Vienna), Austria (3) – Mexikoplatz (Day 4)

We decided to take the U-Bahn to the Danube and see what the shores of the river has to offer.  We discover Mexikoplatz, a docking station for the riverboat cruise line.  These humungous ships sit waiting as their passengers embark on a shore leave tour of the city.

A walk along the north shores of the Danube we can see Heiliger Franz von Assisi a.k.a the Mexico Church.

Along Hndelskai with apartments on the background

Crossing the Donauinsel Bridge from the north shore of the Danube to the south shore

The Donauinsel Bridge on the right.  Looking across the Danube to Melia Vienna (a high rise hotel).

Riverboats getting an exterior cleaning

People relaxing on  Mexikoplatz.  Wouldn’t know if they were passengers who declined a trip to the city or locals enjoying what the area had to offer.

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