Wien (Vienna), Austria (4) – Prater (Day 4)

As per usual, if an opportunity arises for us to view some sights from above, we will seek it out.  This was the case when we read about the Giant Ferris Wheel located at the Wurstelprater amusement park.  We planned to make a quick stop  and then head to QuartierMuseum for some evening exploration.  However, what we discovered was not just a Giant Ferris Wheel.  The quick stop took up the whole evening.  We couldn’t get over the cleanliness, quality and colourfulness of the rides & amusement stands.

Visibly deserted at the start of the visit, the park became quickly occupied as the evening turned to dark.

In the main entrance of Prater, there is a video jumbotron showing a concert that was being held at another venue within the park.  We took a moment to watch and listen to the performance.  What we thought was an incredible impersonation of Jose Feliciano turned out to be the real Jose Feliciano.

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