Salzburg, Austria (4) – A Walk to Park Kapuzinerberg (Day 6)

After Alstadt, we make our way to Park Kapuzinerberg.  Along the way, we visit Mirabel Garden (previous post) and then we walk along Steingasse to find the entrance to a staircase that would take us up to the park.    With so many unmarked options, we walked past the entrance twice before we figured it out.

Shopping in Alstadt

Mozart’s Birthplace

Looking north from Makartsteg Bridge, Alstadt would be to the left

Looking south from Makartsteg we see Alstadt, where we just came from

A quick coffee for an energy pickup at Makartplatz.  Catholic Church Dreifaltigkeitskirche in the background.

Our table was the one on the far right.

Hotel Bristol

A part of our surroundings as we as we enjoy our coffee

A beautiful entrance to a residential apartment.  There were many like these and we weren’t sure which one actually took us up to the park and which one would lead us into someone’s backyard.

As we wander on Steingasse, we come across small cafes and restaurants where people enjoy some socializing

Interesting graffiti artwork on Steingasse

The Imberstiege pathway to the lookout point at the Park.  There were a number of these steep climbs before we made it to the top.  It was well worth it.

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