Salzburg, Austria (5) – Up On Two Hills (Day 6)

We climbed two hills to catch some breathtaking views of Salzburg.  The first hill is located on the west side of Salzach River where Hohensalzburg Castle resides.  The second hill is located on the east side of the river where the Kapuzinerkloster Monastery resides.

From Hohensalzburg Castle

Looking north

Dom zu Salzburg in the foreground.  The yellow building in the background is Monastery Kapuzinerkloster where we took photos of the second portion of this post.

Located about 200 meters west of Hohensalzburg Castle, lies a fortification tower called Freyschlossl-Roter Turm.   Looking back at the castle and the gorgeous backdrop.

Another beautiful view from Freyschlossl-Roter Turm

And again

From Monastery Kapuzinerkloster in Park Kapuzinerberg

Looking at Alstadt

You can see Hohensalzburg Castle peaking through in the upper-left hand side

Going clockwise from previous photo, Alstadt is to the left and Makartsteig bridge is in the center where we crossed previously

On the hill top is Museum der Moderne Salzburg

Continuing clockwise from previous photo.

Tall grey building in the distant upper-right is next to the Salzburg Main Station.  That’s where we head to after these photo shots to catch our train back to Vienna.

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