Ljubljana, Slovenia (4) – A Walk in the Night (Day 8)

Without the threat of rain, our second evening in Ljubljana was spent strolling through old town and a return hike to the Castle.

After a great meal at the Paninoteka Restaurant, we slowly cruise north through Mestni Street and Circil Metodov Street to reach the lighted pathway up to the Castle.  After a wonderful visit, we decided to return back down in the unlit path (hooray for iPhone flashlight) to the river.  As scary as it may sound, walking down the side of a hill in complete darkness was the coolest thing.  Heading back to our hotel along the river with a stop at Presernov Square, we catch some beautiful night time scenes.

Warm enough for an outdoor meal from the Paninoteka Restaurant, we have a wonderful view.

Crossing the Sustarski Bridge to head to Mestni Street.  The Panionteka Restaurant is to the left of this photo.

Turning around on the Sustarski Bridge looking south

Mestni Street heading north

These little vehicles offer free transportation to individuals within the old town district.

Town Hall

A night view of  Kongresni Trg (Congress Square) from the Castle

After our descent from the Castle, we walk along the river on Cankajevo Street

A popular place for restaurants along this river walk

From Preserenov Trg

One last look at the Castle before retiring for the night

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