Ljubljana, Slovenia (5) – Odds and Ends (Day 7 & 8)

There was so much to see Ljubljana, it was difficult to put all the photos in categorized posts.  Here are some scenes I found interesting and will give you more of an insight of what this great city is all about.

Behind our hotel is a small shopping mall that included a cool lower level restaurant and courtyard

An interesting covered pathway to a commercial courtyard from Trubarjeva cesta (street)

Trubarjeva cesta (street) had a lot of hostels and interesting shops that sells local handmade items

A group of children with colourful umbrellas.  I couldn’t resist taking a photo of this.  It reminded me of my Grandson, and what he would be doing with his daycare group.

A wonderful walking path on the hill with Ljubljana Castle

I loved this rooftop sitting area

After the descent through the wooded path from the castle, it opens to this intriguing storefront.

From the Verba Store, we head straight to the Central Market as evident by the white tents in the distance.

Central Market

Right beside the market, along Adamic-Lundrovo is a long narrow building which is home to a number of eateries and where we indulged in delicious crepes and cappuccinos.   The market is on the right of this photo.  In the distance, you can see the start of the Dragon Bridge as evident by the green dragons.

A lovely fall view of the trees that lined Adamin-Lundrovo.  This was our view from the eatery in previous photo.  If I lowered the camera, you would see the market

The Dragon, symbol of the Slovenian capital,  welcomes you to the Dragon Bridge.

Beautiful green covered homes.

A pretty outdoor chandelier

Spomenik Gustavu Mahlerju, a great Austrian composer and conductor of the Jewish genus

Located on Haribarjevo nabrezje (street) right beside the Ljubljana River

Krakovski Street

I found dramatic differences in buildings with restoration and decay

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