Bled, Slovenia (1) – A Walk Around The Lake (Day 10)

Bled is Slovenia’s most popular resort.  With a 40 minute train ride from Ljubljana to Lesce, we walk an additional 3 kms on a designated pathway to the lake.  Unlike yesterday’s rain filled day, our second attempt is greeted with gorgeous blue skies.  We experience a wonderful 6km walk around the perimeter of the lake with the Julian Alps as the backdrop.

The walk to Bled from Lesce

The anticipation of what we were about to see was sparked by the beautiful snow covered mountains as we exit Lesce

A wonderful walking path runs parallel with the road between the two towns.

Gorgeous meadows

The walk around the lake

Bled Castle atop a high hill and Church of St. Martin

Fisherman set up camp along the lake.

Tiny Bled Island has Provost’s House and Pilgrimage Church of the Assumption of Maria

Perfect setting for rowers.  I was later to discover that many medal winners at the Olympics from 1988, 1992, 2000, 2004 and 2012 were won by Slovenia Rowers.  This is where they trained.

Downhill ski in the winter.  During the off season, they have “summer sledding”.

A stop for dinner before heading back to Ljubljana

From the restaurant, we look across the lake to the downtown area where most of the hotels are located.  Three kilometres into the distant hills is the Lesce Station where we catch our train back to Ljubljana.

A last look before our departure

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