Bolzano, Italy (3) – A Trip to Oberbozen (Day 12)

On the first morning of our visit to Bolzano, we took a walk along Talvera creek that runs north/south.  We came across a gorgeous view of the hillside on the edge of the city.  We were determined to make the climb a challenge after our lunch.  With some research, we found a cable car (Rittner Seibahn) that departs from the nearby main train station.  However, what we thought was a short ride to the top of the hill, actually was a 12 minute ride deep into the hills to a village called Oberbozen.  We took a leisurely stroll through this delightful village.  On our way down, we see the many vineyards that is a common local product.

We were determine to get to the top of that hill.

Our departure point, Rittner Seibahn

Heading to Oberbozen

Looking down at the beautiful Bolzano

Chalet Grumer is a lodge located on the hillside northeast of Bolzano

This cable route just kept going and going


Reaching Oberbozen, we can see the dolomites in the distance.  There is a train from Oberbozen that can take you closer to these natural wonders.

Heading back to Bolzano

Netted covered vineyards keep the birds away from consuming the fruit

Looking back up from where we came

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