Venezia (Venice), Italy (1) – The Grand Canal (Day 13)

An intriguing city that has more to offer than the time I gave it.   Part of me did not enjoy the crowd congestion that inhabited the main areas of the city.  Half the time we spent exploring the side streets which I did thoroughly enjoyed.  Like a giant maze, it was easy to get lost and wander into dead-ends.   My first post of Venezia focuses mainly on the Grand Canal.  In the past, I have always tried to note the location of where the photo was taken.  This will not be the case this time.  I have no idea where we were most of the time.

Emerging from the Santa Lucia Station, we see the Catholic Church, Chiesa de San Simeone Piccolo across the canal

Crossing the Scalzi Bridge

Looking back at the Santa Lucia Station from the Scalzi Bridge

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