Madrid, Spain (8) – On The Streets

Due to a two-day delayed arrival, we only had two and half days to explore Madrid.  We walked about 35 kms keeping ourselves within a 3 km perimeter around our hotel in the neighborhoods of Atocha, Centro, Retiro & Trafalgar.

Spain has an active nightlife with locals claiming they don’t start their evening meal until 9:00 PM.  At first, I was skeptical about this claim.  However, as you can see with the evening photos, the streets are very busy with people.   You can usually spot the locals, they are the ones dressed in winter coats.  While they consider lows of 10C and highs of 24C cool, we consider this summer weather and strip down to T-shirts during the day and summer jackets in the evening.

The following photos gives us a small glimpse of life on the streets.

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