Spain, Madrid, Valencia & Barcelona – Breakfast Buffets

When travelling, we adhere to the “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” philosophy.  I always choose hotels with a breakfast option.  This meal provides us the energy we need for a full day of exploring and keeps us going until supper.

There is something about the European buffet breakfasts that I love and makes this philosophy easy to handle.  Unlike the North American tradition with vats of scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage & pan-fried potatoes, we find an incredible variety of items to choose from.  Eggs and specialty coffees are made to order.  I always go with an omelette (3 eggs soft) and a cappuccino.  There is lots of emphasis on energy snack foods with a wide assortment of seeds (pumpkin, sunflower, chia, etc.) along with nuts & things I’ve never heard of.  The portions are small enough that we get to sample more varieties.

The breakfast buffets at all three hotels, “Only You Atocha” (Madrid), “Petit Palace” (Valencia) & “Hotel Torre Catalunya” (Barcelona) were great. However, I give the five-star to “Only You Atocha”.  So many options, I didn’t get to try everything over the three mornings we were there.   I could have gotten more photos but didn’t want to interfere with the patrons getting their food.


Made to order eggs – Only You Atocha





Cheese and Cold Cuts – I would have loved to try the cheese but the fear of lactose intolerance kept me away.






Breads and Cereals – Nutella and Churros were one of our favourites



For the Sweet Tooth – The chocolate covered strawberries were a specialty for Valentine’s Day.



Extras – Superfoods and Condiments



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