Barcelona, Spain (2) – Parc Guell

Carrying on the Gaudi architecture, we visit Parc Guell.  After a slow climb up Carmel Hill, we find the public park in the residential neighborhood of La Salut.  It wasn’t until after we departed the park, we discovered an outdoor escalator that would have saved us from climbing the equivalent of 40 stories.

We found the park interesting with unusual landscaping.  However, we shouldn’t have been surprised with Gaudi.  As per our usual style, we opted to stay outside the pay area to avoid the crowds.

Turo de les Tres Creuse – located just south edge of the park.  It is the highest point of the park.  Due to the discovery of prehistoric remains, Gaudi built a monument instead of a planned chapel.

Some areas were under renovations which gave us limited access

The avoided pay area.  Everyone jostling for a view.

Background music during the visit

More background music

Gaudi House Museum

Casa Marti Trias

The view from a residential area

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