Barcelona, Spain (6) – Temple Expiatori del Sagrat Cor

Located at the highest point on Mount Tibidabo, this church was viewable from our hotel room.  Curious as to what it was, and as per our usual fascination with high places, we ventured to this area.  Also known as the Temple of Tibidabo, this Catholic Church  is dedicated to John Bosco.  Work started in 1902 by Enric Sagnier and completed in 1961 by his son Josep Sagnier.  The interesting aspect about this area was that it is also home to an amusement park, complete with a ferris wheel and roller coaster.

Interior photos are only of the lower level crypt.

The entrance to the lower level crypt.  A stairway around the back of this takes you to the main chapel.

Heading back down to the village to catch the funicular, we discover the roller coaster that was not viewable from the church area

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